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The BowieStyle book press release, May 2000


Mark Paytress and Steve Pafford
160 pages, fully illustrated in colour, paperback.
ISBN 0-7119-7722-4, £19.99 or less, June 2000

“He is an avatar of cultural plunder and a complete one-off.

He is David Bowie and he’s a particularly precious kind of butterfly.”

A compelling celebration of one of rock music’s most colourful and eclectic personalities, this visually astounding volume documents the impact of David Bowie on twentieth-century fashion and culture. This unbeatable guide reveals the artistic influences and facets of one of the twentieth century’s most enduring pop icons whose many guises – mod, space-creature and soul-boy – have earned an international following.

The range of photographs is staggering, capturing how Bowie has always chimed successfully with contemporary trends. This volume presents a panorama of those unforgettable and highly individual moments in fashion history when David altered the sound, meaning and the look of rock ‘n’ roll. Stepping into the Bowie world is a unique and fascinating experience as BowieStyle demonstrates – sample Ziggy Stardust, the space cadet with an impudent dash of A Clockwork Orange; experience the sophisticated and imaginative Ashes To Ashes; discover how Bowie, the cultural all-rounder, continues to dominate all media and be a millennium style-setter.

The richly illustrated and incisive text charts Bowie’s explosive evolution, from Seventies glam-rocker to Nineties style-setter. Paytress and Pafford’s discussion of the Bowie style is quirky, informed and extremely entertaining, with chapters covering revealing new aspects. Painter Man, for instance, explores Bowie’s use of contemporary art trends while You Will Be Queen illustrates the many women whom Bowie has partnered during his thirty year career.

The desire for old-style stars – glamorous, larger-than-life and endowed with mystery – has dominated the history of pop. David Bowie’s contribution to rock-glamour is unquestionable; Bowie Style is the ultimate account of his incredible personality and his legendary fashion sense.

You can pre-order the book online here.

From Omnibus Press.

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