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Always On My Mind: Pet Shop Boys ring in the Burberry Bling

This is the official Burberry campaign for Holiday 2017. Basically, it’s Doctor Who meets Pet Shop Boys. What’s not to like?

Burberry opted to go a little lo-fi, tapping campaign photographer Alasdair McLellan to shoot this very ’80s short starring house favourite Cara Delevingne and former Timelord, actor Matt Smith.

It opens with Delevingne singing Always on My Mind before segueing into the Pet Shop Boys’ Christmas chart-topping 1987 version of the song, which is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary. Of course, Whovians will already be aware it was Smith’s predecessor in the Tardis, David Tennant, who nicked PSB frontman Neil Tennant‘s name for Equity purposes.

Shot in black and white, Delevingne and Smith are both buttoned up — him in a suit with debonair hair, she in a clear trench with an oversize crystal earring — and distant at first.

But then the video changes to VHS-style colour, and the two play with plenty of Burberry staples, like classic trench coats and cashmere scarves, all rendered in the iconic Burberry check that dominated the autumn runway. It’s enough to make you want to buy a pair of Fair Isle fingerless gloves and break out your favourite Eighties records while you decorate for the holidays. Possibly.

Steve Pafford

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