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Steve Pafford — Finding Australia: The First Five Years

There’s a brand new programme on the BBC today entitled David Bowie: Finding Fame. The third part of Francis Whateley’s Bowie Beeb trilogy (this time focusing on the young Dame’s nascent years), the programme’s original title until quite late in the day being The First Five Years.

Rather freakily, today marks my first five years in Australia, a country Bowie loved (well, until he married Iman), having set foot on the sunburned continent for the first time on 9 February 2014.

I’ve lived in Sydney, MelbourneGold Coast and back to Sydney. To celebrate my half-decade milestone, I’ve selected five favourite photos of my time in this beautiful, balmy country. And there’s a bit of a list thing going on at the end too. Like you do.

By the way, now that gay marriage has been legalised in Australia, I figured I might set up a profile on one of those dating website thingies here in Sydney, and maybe see if I could bag myself a boyfriend, or even a (gasp!) husband.

Mind you, I’m wary central. The last one was nicknamed Michael Robme by my oldest friend Joanne (below), as he was a debt-ridden addict who, thanks to his habit, lost his job and proceeded to rip me off for over 20 grand. Oh, and he was shagging his cousin. I don’t ‘arf pick ’em.

So a potential victim, sorry, candidate would have to be an extremely solvent non-party, non-scene boy. Preferably an existing property owner like moi. Too much to ask?

Anyway, I’ve started putting together a list of Likes for the profile page bio thingy.

What say you?

Steve likes: Athletic bodies. Smooth bottoms. Coconut oil. Being near water. Ernest Hemingway. Coffee with cream. Travel. Blue skies. Footballers. Dark chocolate. Blondie. Fast cars. Duck down duvets. Australia. Cary Grant. Bareback. Armpits. Not watching television. Black ties. White leather furniture. Small waists. Joanna Lumley. Intelligence. Shaved necks. Drummers. Crumpets. Alfred Hitchcock. Pianos. British comedy. French wine. National parks. Pet Shop Boys. Adam’s apples. Aesthetes. Art. Dark hair blue eyes. Minimalism. Hot weather. Photography. David Bowie. Books. Europe. Cheese. Candles. Egon Schiele. Nigella Lawson. Rugby thighs. America. Going commando. Speaking your mind. Good kissers. Marlon Brando. Lighting. Clean white sheets. Worldliness. Fisting.

Phew. Is there anything I’ve forgotten?

Steve Pafford

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