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Gosh, It’s That Barba Poster Boy for Sydney Mardi Gras

In early 2015, as the new man in Melbourne, I became the poster boy for the beardy weirdies’ club night Barba, despite still recovering from a pretty horrific head injury that occurred during a house sitting sojourn in Hong Kong.

My nine months in the Victorian capital were just like the city itself: nice, pleasant, if a little provincial. Later that year I made a bit of a comeback for Treasure Island Media and did a faintly ridiculous model shoot for Trough. In every dream home a heartache, right?

By 2016 I was living back in Sydney again and, again, I suppose fresh meat in some circles, expanded or otherwise.

The Barba and Bearded Homo crew got in touch again as they wanted to try out their hairy club night in New South Wales to coincide with the famous gay pride event Sydney Mardi Gras. The enduring Enmore institution that is the slinky Sly Fox hotel was the venue.

The unspoken deal was pretty much ‘Come make a personal appearance and we’ll stick you on some new posters all over the bar.’

Cue shameless photo op. I know, right.

I should point out that I’m not a regular part goer at all though. Well, not these days anyhow. Even though I timed my very first arrival in Australia to coincide with Sydney Mardi Gras 2014, do know you how many times I’ve seen the MG parade and finale party? Zero.

Christ, I’m a rubbish gay.

Steve Pafford

Thebeardedhomo presents BARBA [Sydney Edition]


Artwork by Jono Martínez Galán

Photography by Kiarash Zangeneh

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