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It Was Five Years Ago Today: David Bowie Is Taking Over Melbourne

I realise there’s an exhibition of some dusty old relics on in the city, but Melbourne seems to have gone completely and utterly Bowie bonkers.

In just one afternoon I go to a bar and they’re playing Changes, I go to a clothes boutique and and they’re playing the Young Americans album, and then finally I end up at Atomica cafe on Brunswick Street and I find it hard to stifle a chuckle as they’re playing the Ziggy Stardust album, followed by Hunky Dory.

As I go to pay and notice this no-expense-spared ‘mascot’ by the till, then the cent drops. “Ah, I get the name of the place now,” beams I, terribly pleased with myself, “The Dame had a song out a couple of years ago called Atomica.”

“Did he?” shoots back the barista with all the indifference of a glass spider on Valium. “Well, this place has had its name for 20 years.”

That told me then. Gosh.

Steve Pafford

#davidbowieis #davidbowiemonth

First published: Facebook, April 2015

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