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Oh lord, yet another Bowie book. Another collection of half-truths and misinformation illustrated with photographs we’ve all seen a thousand times before no doubt. Well actually, no…’BowieStyle’ is a new 160-page book by Mark Paytress, who you may recall was the man behind the authoritative ‘Classic Rock Albums – Ziggy Stardust‘ book a couple of years back. Mark was assisted in the production of ‘BowieStyle’ by Steve Pafford, editor of the excellent, if outrageously infrequent David Bowie magazine, Crankin’ Out, and between them it would appear they have created something actually well worth the cover price.

This “visual examination” of the Bowie style from 1962 to 1999, boasts close to 500 images with around 40% guaranteed previously unseen. From the proof pages and the press release I have seen so far, this book will remain a favourite among Bowie fans for some time to come. Go here for an exclusive sneak preview of the book and for your chance to win one of five copies signed by the authors on its release in June. All you have to do to win is find the competition and be one of the first five to mail me at: with the caption from the competition page.

‘BowieStyle’ is published by Omnibus Press in June, priced £19.99 in the UK, $29.95 in the US. ISBN 0-7119-7722-4.

Total Blam Blam – (European Correspondent)

First published:, April 2000

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