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Well, goodbye Dolly

Twenty years ago today we said our final farewells to my paternal grandmother Annie, or Dolly as she was colloquially known.

With her admirable nous and practicality she was able to put me in the property ladder in Britain, and not just anywhere but a Gascony Avenue garden flat in West Hampstead, around the corner from where she’d raised my father, (Sherriff Road, the NW6 road Stephen Fry would live while I was ensconced in Gascony, fact fans).

She lived to 93, and my father and I were with her when she died at the Royal Free – so in actual fact the longest lived blood relative in our family, and unlike most of our clan as English as they come.

What a f*ckin’ liberty!

Thanks Gran.

Steve Pafford

(Fotie circa Bletchley ‘76)

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