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Five good and five less good things about Pet Shop Boys’ new Dreamworld greatest hits tour then

Five good and five less good things about Pet Shop Boys’ new Dreamworld greatest hits tour then.
*The Milan tour opener ran for two hours and featured 27 singles (26 PSB + Losing My Mind, which they produced for Liza Minnelli).
*Love Comes Quickly, Rent, Left To My Own Devices, Being Boring — at least twenty of the tracks are exquisite examples of some of the greatest pop music of the last 40 years.
*Thankfully, the setlist contains only one medley: a Bilingual 45 mash-up of Single-Se a vida é (That’s the Way Life Is).
*The now you see them-now you don’t live band add a great extra dimension to some of the tracks, especially French drummer Simon Tellier, a fantastique star in the making.
*The widescreen video wall fills the entire width of the stage and features a clever mix of archive promos, interview footage and occasionally dazzling special effects.
*Despite announcing it in 2019, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe chickened out of sequencing the setlist in reverse chronological order, which would have been rather marvellous, actually.
*Too many song and staging ideas have been recycled from recent performances, including opening with Suburbia yet again, and the core arrangements of It’s A Sin, West End Girls, Go West etc have been done to death.
*Conversely, the noughties have been ruthlessly ignored, despite the brilliant Miracles and Love Etc. being their last two bona fide hits.
*In their place, two singles from 2020’s Hotspot are present, despite neither Dreamland and Monkey Business even troubling the Top 100 charts. That they opted for them and the mood-killing I Don’t Know What You Want over a huge hit like I‘m Not Scared is bizarre.
*Is Stevie Wonder in charge of wardrobe? Neil Tennant is trying to conceal some serious Lockdown weight gain with a series of long coats, though with the new Nelly belly the shiny silver number is so unflattering it makes him look like a tinfoil Teletubby in a tarpaulin. In other words, another one who’s ballooned.
Steve Pafford
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