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My Fitness Studio: Robert Bray Celebrity Personal Trainer Testimonial

After looking at various personal trainers in the Queens Park area, I hired Robert Bray in early 2005, initially as a result of an impending modelling assigment for a lifestyle magazine, Attitude.

I had been an occasional, often half-hearted gym-goer for a few years but always knew I wasn’t pushing myself anywhere near enough.

I always felt that personal trainers were a luxury but it soon became clear that having one was really making a big difference in a relatively short space of time. Robert helped me achieve my goal of losing body fat, building lean muscle and increasing fitness in a quite dramatic fashion. So much so that I decided to hire him on a permanent basis.




Since he established his new business, My Fitness Studio, I’ve been training with Robert more than ever, five to six times a week.

one-to-one booking can really help to keep you focused and hungry for change. Our sessions including a mixture of heavy weights, circuit routines and intense cardiovascular programmes.

Having a personal trainer is a great way to keep motivated as well, as they act like a coach, constantly encouraging you and pushing you to do better. Robert has also shown me the importance of a good, balanced diet and the right supplements in order to help build a strong, healthy body.

Now I’m well on the way to having the body I always wanted, and this has a knock-on effect of increased confidence, as well as many more modeling jobs that I may not have been offered if I still had the body of old.

In short, a personal trainer can help you transform yourself into the person you always wanted to be. It’s worked for me. I’m happy, you can be happy to.

Trainer Robert Bray tailors each session so that it is balanced between what I want to do, and his professional opinion of areas that need more / less work. His one-on-one approach means that the work I’m doing is a lot more focused and effective than if I was simply left to my own devices in a public gym.

Steve Pafford

Rob’s shot of me in his gym made the 2008 calendar. Mr January in the sanctuary.

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