Random Jukebox: Goldfrapp’s Human

Sometimes you just have to roll with the selections of the random jukebox, and today it put on its red shoes and picked Human, a delicious standout from Goldfrapp’s glacial debut album from 2000, Felt Mountain.

Alison Goldfrapp (she’s the come-hither one with the sensual vocals and love of camp high drama), and film composer Will Gregory each brought to Alison’s namesake duo a pedigree in dramatic synth-driven music — she with Orbital, he with the likes of Peter Gabriel and Portishead.

Inspired by classical music and the French fumblings of Serge Gainsbourg, with a veneer of cool picked up via collaborations with Tricky, among others, Felt Mountain is a decadent debut: a journey into stylised darkness and corruption that shimmers with a film of glossy seediness.

The set‘s third single from 2001, Human is an electronically epic genre-bending of Technicolor, Bassey-esque torch song and middle eastern-influenced trip hop if ever there was one, and is that a sly reference to Roxy Music’s Country Life on the cover?

The prairie rose is blooming.

Steve Pafford

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Steve Pafford
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