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National Album Day No. 1: Kings of the Wild Frontier by Adam and the Ants

For the inaugural year of the UK’s National Album Day, I’m, quite naturally, going to choose the first LP I ever owned. 

Mum bought it for me in the Central Milton Keynes branch of Boots on my 12th birthday in June 1981.

It’s Kings of the Wild Frontier by Adam and the Ants, and almost four decades later it still sounds like nothing else before or since. 

Heroic, sexy, swashbuckling.

An insect prayer for a Dog Eat Dog world.

Antmusic for sexpeople.

Play it long, play it loud, but above all, play it proud.

Steve Pafford

The Mojo Review: Adam & The Ants, Antbox and my first interview with Adam Ant is here

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