Random Jukebox: Little Boots’ Love Kills

You don’t get the mix, she’s turned thirty-six.

Blackpool born Victoria Hesketh a.k.a. the poptastic Little Boots celebrates her 36th birthday today. Hurrah.

In 2009, Little Boots gave a suitably dynamic rendition of Giorgio Moroder and Freddie Mercury’s 1984 collaboration, Love Kills, itself an outgrowth from Queen.

It’s a throbbing cross-generational head-to-head that retains the original’s poignant melancholic quality while adding a vibrant and danceable electronic slant.

And the recreation of the oh-so-eighties guitar solo (Brian May or Richie Zito, depending on who you believe) on swirly synths was a clever touch. And the Pet Shop Boys really like it too, so if it’s good enough for them…

Steve Pafford



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Steve Pafford
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