Random Jukebox: The B-52s’ Love Shack (baby, Love Shack!)

Sometimes you just have to roll with the selections of the random jukebox, and today it picked the fabulously fun Love Shack by the B-52s, which is all the more freaky seeing as it was released 32 years ago today in the UK. Fancy.

The party anthem for the summer of ’89 (a good eight years after the band invented the remix album), Love Shack has lost none of its manic charm. A sugar rush high-energy stomper with audacious vocals by Athens miscreants Kate Pierson, Cindy Wilson and Fred Schneider, this most signature of signature songs is a zany effervescent thrill ride.

Witty, nostalgic and whimsical, and featuring a guest spot by the Uptown Horns, the single soared topped the charts in Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, reached number two in Britain and No. 3 on the American Billboard chart, the first time the veteran band’s quirky dance-rock had ever infiltrated the mainstream.

Steve Pafford

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Steve Pafford
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