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Random Jukebox: Neneh Cherry’s Manchild

Sometimes you just have to roll with the selections of the Random Jukebox, and today it picked the  second hit from the Swedish-born Neneh Cherry, the follow-up to Buffalo Stance no less.

A No. 5 hit in June 1989, it‘s a still-sparkling gem, and that‘s despite my watching the video at Joanne Povey‘s house in Heelands and her declaring “I hate songs like this.“

But that‘s Mabel‘s momma, dear.

A beautifully sung hip hop ballad, its evocative fusion of gorgeous strings, silky soul and foxy beats now sound both a serene hors d‘oeuvre for Massive Attack‘s masterful Blue Lines debut (on which Cherry was to collaborate), and as bewitching as ever in their own right.

Steve Pafford

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