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RIP Maxine Robinson

Maxine Robinson, you were such a fun person to be around. That infectious giggle was so hilarious that when we went to see that Noel Coward play, Fallen Angels in Windsor, the two leading ladies (Jenny Seagrove and Sara Crowe) corpsed when they heard you!

Who can also forget the dodgy ‘one lump or two’ food on the set of that even dodgier film I Give It A Queer with Darren Petrucci, the llama trekking in the Surrey Hills (the English ones, natch), the radio show with Christian O’Connell

And, of course, the greatest acting job I ever did – the stage version of John Cleese’s masterpiece, Fawlty Towers, wouldn’t have even happened if you hadn’t recommended me to the director, Adam Stafford. That was a fabulous fortnight kipping on your couch. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

It’s been two years since our paths last collided – piano bar la-la-ing in Vegas with Andy Tomlinson, but it really sums up what a fun loving lady you were. I feel honoured to have been your friend.

Rest in peace Miss Tibbs ❤️ You have been loved

Steve Pafford

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