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Movie review: Strike A Pose, back when Madonna ruled OK

Remember when Madonna was great? For me, the rot set in with Hard Candy and the Sticky And Sweet show, which I reviewed for The Sun.

Each of her last three tours have been worse than the last – hollow re-treads at premium prices. But in 1990 the Bay City Bowie fan really was at the peak of her powers. Am I right Madge?

This happy/sad docu catches up with all the surviving dancers of her Blonde Ambition and Truth Or Dare triumphs 25 years later. In turns freaking hilarious and desperately one for sorrow, in Strike A Pose there’s lawsuits against their former boss, addiction and two of the guys get teary when they reveal they concealed their HIV status from everyone on the tour, including M herself, who was promoting condom use within the show (a third, the young angel Gabriel, sadly didn’t make it).

Amazingly (and heartwarmingly) they’ve aged better than most of the other guys, despite living with it since the mid 80s. Even if you’ve always been a bit sniffy about Madge (like me), it’s impossible not to be touched by the stories in this movie.

Go see, oui.

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