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It Was Ten Years Ago Today: Pet Shop Boys, Disco 4 review

Four-on-the-floor mix disc from the Teutonic twosome

The seminal synthmeisters’ third album in 18 months, the Disco series allows Tennant/Lowe an occasional excursion from official Pet Shop duties, each time subverting the genre that little bit more.

This time it’s a whirlwind round-up of extended remixes for others. You won’t find Dusty Springfield, Liza Minnelli or Robbie Williams here, though; the workaholic duo’s own collaborative compositions and productions being saved for a long-awaited collection of their own at a later date. In a seamlessly segued set, exhilarating electro stompers jostle for position with Madonna dancefloor fillers, and a manic, anything-but-flowery Killers.

Where else can you find an album that proudly features, nay, boasts, Rammstein minus guitars and, in the majestic moondust of Hallo Spaceboy, probably the best thing David Bowie did the entire ’90s. Feeling almost like they’ve gatecrashed their own party, Disco 4 is somewhat jarringly rounded off with a pair of recent remixes of PSB’s own tracks, including the disturbing dystopian drama of new digital single Integral.

4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars
Steve Pafford

Not too Blurred, I hope

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