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Spaffing all over Sabrina’s Boys (Summertime Love)

Bubble: “I wish I was more curvy. I wish I had breasts like yours.“

Eddy: “No, you don’t.“

Bubble: “Yes, I do.’

Eddy: “No, you don’t.“

Bubble: “I do! Great, big, large, pendulous breasts. I’d like to fill a bra.“

— Absolutely Fabulous, Fat, 1992

Hell, not even Stevie Wonder could every accuse Sabrina of not filling a bra. 

I really like a girl with, you know, large breasts.

So with mammaries aforethought, today’s celebrity birthday babe masquerading as a Random Jukebox entry is the Italian sexbomb seductress born Norma Sabrina Salerno in Genoa on 15 March 1968.

That’s right, the voluptuous sexy girl Sabrina is 55. And let’s be frank for a moment, because as far as my native Blighty is concerned, this horny harlot is chiefly remembered for her two big hits — Boys (Summertime Love) and its racy poolside video, which gave the 38D saucepot mountains of exposure in many ways, and made her very popular with a swathe of teenage youths throughout Europe. 

In all seriousness, Sabrina was mostly known for two things… well, actually, three things: the twins (obviously) — a delightful pair of handsome devils named Mel and Kim in some circles — and lots of wardrobe malfunctions involving the tiniest outfits like wet t-shirts and see-through bikinis (in a swimming pool, too — who’d have thunk it?) that were often riding up or slipping down and exposing a bitta big brown nipple. 

What a delicious trollop. Is Madonna in the house tonight?

Video aside, the Eurodisco ditty (yes, I said ditty, not bitty)— written by not one, not two, but four men — is fantastically ’80s, and as catchy as herpes. Boys was the third single taken Sabrina’s first self-titled album, which happened to feature, er, some interesting covers of torrid tunes about rumpy pumpy, such as LaBelle’s Lady Marmalade, and Prince’s Kiss. 

Released in the summer of 1987, the 45 had a long wait to become a hit in Britain, hovering around the lower regions of the singles chart before finally reaching a peak of No. 3 for two weeks in June 1988 – where the lubricious Ligurian was held off the top spot by the combined ‘talents’ of the Timelords, the Fat Boys and Bros.

Summing up, Sabrina was the Latin world’s answer to Samantha Fox: wafer-thin talents with big booby-doos who hastily enlisted the budget assembly-line production house of Stock Aitken & Waterman for their ‘difficult‘ second albums when they realised they were regarded as one-trick ponies. Oh, neigh, olé.

As for me, I kept seeing these Italian housewives taking their bras off. I thought, that can’t be Challenge Anneka. 

Steve Pafford

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