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The murder of Stephen Lawrence 30 years on

Lest we forget…

It’s Steven Lawrence Day, 30 years since an innocent young boy was savagely slain in a callous racially motivated killing.

I’d only moved to London for the first time as an adult a few months before his murder occurred — which took place at a bus stop five minutes from Kate Bush’s then home in Eltham.

In fact Stephen turned 18 the day before Judi and I moved into our new house in East Acton W12 in September 1992. A new start for all, and all the hopes and dreams for the future.

I wrote about covert racism after the death of George Floyd in America, and if I recall some of the things I heard from white males after Stephen‘s murder case was underway it seems little has changed.

I was told disgusting things like “Oh, he must have been a drug dealer… He was targeted for a reason.”

What did he do for such racist actions to define his 18 years?

His crime was to be black.

Three decades on the ‘United’ Kingdom should be ashamed that there remains ethnic bigotry and skin colour prejudice, not only in every sector of public service but throughout society too. 

But do you know what’s really tragic about Broken Britain? That Stephen had to buried in Jamaica because his poor parents were advised his grave would be a constant target for vandalism.

What a shocking indictment of so-called “society”. His murderers were vile scum and always will be. Sadly these ill-educated neo-Nazis have the sort of rabid followers who would gladly desecrate the grave of an innocent man and it’s right that the family are spared that.

Stand Up To Racism.


Steve Pafford

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