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Love your app action: Tinder For Idiots: The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding on Tinder for Men (and Women too!)

You may be a sharp dresser

You may be a fantastic dancer

You may be a lively conversationalist

But what happens at the end of the evening when the time comes to show how you app?

Unless you can swipe with confidence all your fancy dressing, dancing and talking won’t get you a first date let alone second.

That’s where a new book will come in handy, authored by a mysterious scribe who goes by the oh-so ’70s sounding pseudonym Sabrina McQueen.

This is the tantalising tome for all those who believe in love, love your app action or maybe you’ve got yourself a date for that fabulous February 14 muckfest.

Because, in time for Valentine’s wahey she’s got something to say.

Are you ready to swipe right on sex and success?

“In a sea of countless profiles, where swipes hold the power to connect, there lies the secret to mastering Tinder”, says Sabrina the seductress. 

Sabrina has written a hysterical but extremely helpful book. It’s fun, informative and really rather helpful, with great tips and advice. 

Trust me, because as much as the title might sound a trifle offensive, it’s so not. It’s a no-holds-barred help guide to help you, yes men and women, get matches on Tinder. 

A bit bold, sometimes brutal, but always with good intentions, this snappily written book spills all the insider tips to help you create a profile that will have potential matches swiping right in a heartbeat. 

With photos, sample texts, and screenshots of conversations, you’ll learn how to make your profile irresistible. But that’s not all, because it also deep dives into the art of crafting bios to captivating conversations, planning epic first dates, and even handling rejection like a boss. 

Essentially, it’s all about learning… especially learning what not to do.

So all you fellas out there, just do it! 

It goes with our saying that all the tips and advice is applicable to all dating sites, so do us all a favour, because, if you’re au fait with the likes of Tinder you’ll know it’s a hook-up magnet for all sexualities, persuasions and kinks. 

Indeed, when I’ve come home after a hard day’s slaving under the air fryer I can’t wait to start swiping to enjoy a few aimless thrills before Love Island starts. 

“I wish every man would read this book before signing up for Tinder. It would save us all so much time.”Tanja 58, Tinder dating since 2017

Steve Pafford

Amazon UK link (support the site. This blog receives a small commission): Tinder For Idiots

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