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Trump’s America: As Fresh As a Stale Old Piece of Toast

This is the first time I’ve posted about Herr Trump since I was in New York on election night back in November 2016, but it may not be the last. I was not alone in waking up the day after election day and feeling a deep sense of depression at the result.

I watched the results with Joel and a bunch of Australian expats at an apartment near Chinatown. Tellingly, not a single American was present. It was almost like they felt they had to do the terrible deed by voting for this seemingly brutal anti-establishment renegade but couldn’t bear to admit so in public.

This outsider factor is what brought Margaret Thatcher to power in Britain in 1979. People forget that there was no great love for her personally in those early years. She was actually regarded as a bit of a joke and an inexperienced stop-gap leader until the Tories could find someone more suited to the job. Lest we forget how skilfully she used that to her advantage, and whatever your politics, she grew into this colossal figure that absolutely dominated politics, not just for the record-breaking 11 and a half years she reigned in No.10 but her undeniable influence, both good and bad, continues to this day.

DO NOT underestimate Trump. The next four years will be as distressing as they are brutally entertaining, as Trump demonstrates to the world what happens when a person entirely unsuited for elected office becomes the most powerful man in the world. This man is exhausting.

His defects of character and morality are so manifest, but I totally get why people saw him as a breath of fresh air, despite being even older than that ancient old ham Ronald Reagan when he first ran. When the results came in I was as disappointed as everyone else was at that NYC gathering that night, but unlike the rest of the party, not surprised. As you can probably tell from my long visits each year, I love America, and often toyed with the idea of joining my family in California permanently. Perhaps I will one day.

But as I remarked on the night “This is the country that elected George Bush, not once, but twice.” Trump is a nasty, nationalist reactionary right-winger; a sexist, misogynist dinosaur who, like Thatcher, delights in provocation and upsetting the Apple cart. The so-called saviour that can say the unsayable. Ugh. This orange ogre is such a narcissistic totalitarian (oh, with definite autocratic and psychopathic tendencies to boot) that he will believe that the more people he upsets then because ‘America is sick’ then he must be doing something right.

Again, this “I’ve been elected to force feed you this medicine because you’ve all been very very naughty” is the exact same tactic Thatch used.

Do NOT bank on Trashy Trump being gone in four years either.

Yes, Kauter, I think we did actually gather he’s the President but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. There are people that actually believe that because most of the media hates him and have been known to distort stories for their own ends (yup, welcome to human nature) then that must mean that Trump is a good man, and the victim in all this.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me take you back 17 years ago, when dear Donald attempted to run as the Reform Party’s candidate in the hope of toppling Bush and Gore. This is an excruciating 30 mins of television, but a very telling one. Ruby is out of her depth but occasionally you will catch Adolf Trump’s mask slip. This is a man who has been known to declare he will destroy anyone who he regards as not helping his cause. And in this BBC short he promises to decommission Air Force One if he’s elected. Well President of the USA, we”re still waiting.

PS Donald, your Brillo hair dye job looks a bit shit.

Steve Pafford

First published: Facebook, February 2017

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